Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News: Former Ch 3 News Director Travelling The Country

A number of our readers are local TV folks, so this story is specifically for them...as it relates to former WKYC News Director Dick Moore. Dick was here before Mike McCormick and led Channel 3 to some of its highest news ratings ever.

Dick is currently flying across the country in a 2002 C172SP (N5296Z). It's a fuel-injected, single-engine, four-seat airplane that cruises at 115 knots (125 mph) . Dick is taking a break from his teaching duties in South Carolina to visit locations across the country, including a overnight stop in Cleveland coming soon.
While travelling, he is blogging about his experiences which I invite you to follow along with. It's a look at what life can be after TV. There is hope, folks! His blog is: http://cmooreair.blogspot.com/