Monday, September 30, 2019

PHOTOS | The Point After on Monday, October 8, 2007

Since it's a Victory Monday for the Browns, let's check out some flashback pictures of our Monday night show that aired on October 8, 2007 called "The Point After" when Channel 3 was the television home of the Cleveland Browns

The show aired every Monday night at 7 pm with the radio voices of the Cleveland Browns Jim Donovan and Doug Dieken, plus Tony Grossi of the the Plain Dealer and former Browns head coach Sam Rutigliano.

The show was directed by current WKYC Studios Production Manager Allen Wohl and produced by sports director Jeff Yakawiak.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Throwback Thursday: WKYC in 1986

Time for another installment of "Throwback Thursday" which takes a look back at some of the historical milestones at WKYC Studios.

The time machine takes us back to 1986 with a timeline of some of the biggest moments of that year at WKYC.

1986: Channel 3’s “Hickory Hideout” goes into syndication on other NBC owned stations including WNBC-TV/New York, WRC-TV/Washington D.C., WMAQ-TV/Chicago, KCNC-TV/Denver and KNBC-TV/Los Angeles until 1981.

1986: Obie Shelton joins WKYC-TV from WEWS-TV/Cleveland as a weekend sports reporter.

1986: WKYC-TV becomes the first local station to broadcast in stereo.

Early 1986: WKYC-TV gets its first satellite truck and brands it “Skycom” that allows the station to broadcast live from any point in the continental U.S.

May 2, 1986: WKYC-TV announces Jim Donovan will become play-by-play announcer on the Browns’ exhibition games on WKYC-TV in the fall along with commentary by Reggie Rucker. Donovan will also host “Browns ’86,” Channel 3’s weekly football show for 20 weeks starting August 6 at 7:30 p.m.

June 1986: Jim Mueller departs WKYC-TV after his contract isn’t renewed.

June 1986: Jim Donovan becomes weeknight sports anchor replacing Jim Mueller at 6 p.m. At first, Donovan continues to anchor weekend sports until September when a replacement is named and then is expected to become the 11 p.m. sports anchor while Waylon Boot would move to the 6 p.m. newscast.

July 5, 1986: Connie Schopmeyer marries former Browns player Doug Dieken and officially becomes Connie Dieken on the air.

August 18, 1986: WKYC-TV revamps its early evening news lineup as the 6 p.m. returns to a half hour from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., followed by NBC Nightly News at 6:30 p.m. (previously aired at 7 p.m.) and a new 7 p.m. newscast called “Channel 3 News at 7” anchored by Leon Bibb.

August 18, 1986: Bob McBride joins WKYC-TV from WRC-TV/Washington D.C., as co-anchor at 6 & 11 p.m. with Doreen Gentzler, while Leon Bibb moves from the solo anchor at 11 p.m. to solo anchor of the 7 p.m.  Dale Solly leaves the 6 p.m. to become the primary live news reporter mainly from Skycom, the station’s satellite truck. Waylon Boot will continue to do sports at 6 p.m., while Jim Donovan handles sports at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. Shane Hollett handles weather for all three shows. Dick Feagler’s commentaries move from the 11 p.m. show to the new 7 p.m. show.

September 11, 1986: Steve Taylor joins WKYC-TV as weekend sports anchor replacing an overworked Jim Donovan who takes a vacation to refresh.

This timeline is based on station archives and various newspaper stories. If you feel something is in error, please let me know and we'll make any necessary corrections. Email me at

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

WKYC Rewind: Channel 3 News on Sunday, February 28, 1993

We are always on the look out for classic WKYC gems.

Let's flashback to February 28, 1993, for Channel 3 News at 11 pm with Tony Harris, Liz Habib, Eileen McShea and Chuck Galeti.

PHOTOS | New WKYC Studios

Check out some of the pictures of our new WKYC Studios that debuted on Sunday, September 22nd following Sunday Night Football.

This is Studio A today.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The new 3… More of what you love

Really excited and proud to be part of the debut of the new "3 News" tomorrow night after the Browns game that I'll be directing on our premiere show.

Please give us a watch Sunday night and let me know what you think. #newWKYC

Our debut will start after Sunday Night Football, then starting Monday September 23 at 4a, we think you’ll notice a big difference in the stories we tell and how we tell them.

Yes, we’ll always cover the big and breaking news of the day, but we’re also going to focus on stories that matter to you and those you care about. We’re also more committed than ever to find information that can make a difference in your life.

Whether it’s keeping your family safe with must-see consumer reports and investigations, growing your career in Cleveland with learning and job opportunities or finding new ways to have more fun in your life, we want to help you, your friends and your family live your best lives.

Our shows will also have brand new names including:

Go! from 4a to 7a
Lunch Break with Jay Crawford at 12p (coming in early October)
What Matters Most at 6p
Front Row at 7p
What's Next at 11p

Bold! Innovative! New!

The new 3.

Friday, September 20, 2019

The NBC Sunday Night Football bus visits WKYC

You see the bus on TV. Now you can see it in person at the WKYC Studios in downtown Cleveland as the NBC Sunday Night Football bus has arrived.

Here are some pictures thanks to our ace photographer Mark Smilor.

Don't forget, the Browns and Rams play this Sunday night only on Channel 3!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

TEGNA completes acquisition of 11 Local Television Stations from Nexstar Media Group

WKYC's sister station group expanded greatly on Thursday!

From the TEGNA press release:


Tysons, VA – TEGNA Inc. (NYSE: TGNA) today announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of 11 local television stations, including eight Big Four affiliates, from Nexstar Media Group for $740 million in cash.

The acquisition adds complementary markets to TEGNA’s existing portfolio of top network affiliates, including four affiliates in election battleground states. TEGNA now owns or operates 62 television stations across 51 markets, reaching more than 38 percent of U.S. television households.

The acquired stations include:

WTIC/WCCT — FOX/CW affiliates in Hartford-New Haven, CT
WPMT — FOX affiliate in Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PA
WATN/WLMT — ABC/CW affiliates in Memphis, TN
WNEP — ABC affiliate in Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA
WOI/KCWI — ABC/CW affiliates in Des Moines-Ames, IA
WZDX — FOX affiliate in Huntsville-Decatur-Florence, AL
WQAD — ABC affiliate in Davenport, IA and Rock Island-Moline, IL
KFSM — CBS affiliate in Ft. Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR

“These acquisitions enhance and diversify our portfolio of Big Four stations in key markets, including election battleground states, and reinforce our commitment to creating value for our shareholders,” said Dave Lougee, president and CEO of TEGNA.

As previously announced, the transaction represents a compelling purchase price multiple for the company of 6.7 times expected average 2018/2019 EBITDA, including run rate synergies and net present value of tax savings (or 7.7 times, prior to tax savings). The transaction is expected to be EPS accretive within one year and immediately accretive to free cash flow per share. With the closing of this transaction and other recent M&A activity, TEGNA has updated its 2019 guidance metrics, all of which are in-line or ahead of prior guidance and are available in the 8-K filing TEGNA made this afternoon and its investor presentation at

TEGNA financed the transaction through the use of available cash and borrowing under its existing credit facility. Including the recent acquisitions of WTHR and WBNS from Dispatch Broadcast Group, TEGNA’s leverage is now approximately 4.9 times. Going forward, free cash flow will be used to reduce debt, bringing leverage down to approximately 4.1 times by December 31, 2020. Share repurchases have also been suspended through the end of 2020.

Monday, September 16, 2019

WKYC is up and running on our new and improved antenna

Good news!

Over-the-air signal for viewers who have had trouble watching WKYC and our subchannels since an FCC mandated frequency switch back in August, should now be able to receive our signal again. That's right, our new antenna is up and broadcasting our signal. Just in time for the Browns' Monday Night Football game here on Channel 3.

NOTE: WKYC will still need to lower our power at times while work remains to be done on the WVIZ antenna which is also on the WKYC tower. But, we are getting there!

RELATED | Where and when to watch tonight's NBC programming

This project affected not just us, but thousands of TV stations across the country and here in Northeast Ohio. So, when you rescan, you may discover even more great programming you didn’t even know existed!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get your TV rescanned right now.

Below we rounded up some frequently asked questions regarding a rescan.

What is it?

If you watch TV with an antenna or use a digital convertor box, this frequency change may have affected you. If it did, you’ll need to re-scan your TV so you can start receiving WKYC on 3.1, Justice Network on 3.2, Cozi TV on 3.3 and Quest on 3.4 again.

Why do I need to Re-Scan?

If you want to resume watching your favorite shows on WKYC including Channel 3 News, Ellen, the Today Show, Nightly News and NBC’s primetime line-up, you’ll need to re-scan your TV.

How do I do it?

We've included a number of links here with easy-to-follow, step-by-step, illustrated instructions to SOME of the most popular brands of televisions.








Additional Resources:
Channel Master
Dish Network DTVPAL

I don't see my brand listed. What do I do?

Even among manufacturers, each television has its own steps for rescanning. Every remote is different, too, and often the words ENTER, OK, or SELECT are interchangeable. The process is essentially the same.

In general, you need to get into the brains of your television to TELL it what you want to see. If you still have the owner's manual for your TV or converter box, now would be a great time to find it. We have included links here to popular television brands. You can use those links to find your model of television (usually shown on the rear of your set) to get the manual that matches.

To begin scanning for channels, use your remote to find the MENU or SETUP or SETTINGS function. The UP/DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT buttons help you move from step to step through the on-screen menu.


1 – Press the MENU button on your television or converter box remote.

2 – Go to SETUP or SETTINGS.



5 – Press ENTER, OK, or SELECT to start the scan.

6 – Some televisions may warn you that starting a scan will reprogram your channels. That's OK! Reprogramming your tuner is exactly what you want to do to access the upgrades and new channels.

7 – Once the scan starts, it can take just a few minutes or 15 – 30 minutes to complete. DON"T stop the process once it starts.

8 – At this point, your scan should be done. Many televisions quit the process on their own, with others, you may need to select OK or EXIT on your remote.

NOTE: Some manufacturers have you use the LEFT/RIGHT arrow to access menu functions. Sometimes they throw you a curve ball and make the CHANNEL UP/DOWN and VOLUME UP/DOWN double as menu navigation. It can be a bit tricky, but if you're familiar with your television remote, you already know this stuff.

Tip: Make sure your antenna has a clear, 360-degree view with no obstructions. If you are using a rabbit-ears style of indoor antenna, you may need to adjust it to maximize your digital signal. Unlike the "old days," if the digital signal is too weak, your tuner will not be able to decode and display the channel.

What now?

If all has gone according to plan, you’ll be getting a stronger WKYC signal, which means a better picture for all your favorite shows on Channel 3!

Know that there will be some minor interruptions and periods of a weaker signal throughout the week as we finish work on WVIZ's antenna, which is on the same tower as ours. But once you rescan and get our new signal, you do not need to rescan again to get us.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

WKYC Rewind: Action3News at 11 pm on September 17, 1980

We are always on the look out for classic WKYC gems.

Let's flashback to September 17, 1980, for Action 3 News at 11 pm with the late Doug Adair and Mona Scott. Enjoy!


Friday, September 13, 2019

Here's why WKYC will be off the air Friday afternoon

WKYC Channel 3 will be off the air Friday afternoon, as of 11:40 a.m.

The outage could remain in effect for a few hours.

It will impact anyone using an antenna or whose cable/satellite provider receives our signal over-the-air, meaning you will not be able to watch us during this period of time.

It comes as we work to complete installation of our brand new antenna, which is a project mandated by the FCC.

With storms set to roll into the area this afternoon, we have no choice but to complete work on our tower now to ensure safety.

We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. We have hopes that this will be the last of interruptions as we update our antenna.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have rescanned for us previously and got our signal, you DO NOT need to scan your TV again. You will receive our signal once we power back up.

Thousands of stations across the country are affected by this transition, including many here in Ohio. We're very sorry for this disruption and are working as quickly and safely as possible as we can.

We will let everyone know as soon as we are at full power. And rest easy Browns fans, we will be back up before the first primetime game on Sept. 16.

Until then, we thank you for your patience and your loyal viewership.

You can learn more about this project at

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Throwback Thursday: WKYC in 1994

Time for another installment of "Throwback Thursday" which takes a look back at some of the historical milestones at Channel 3.

The time machine takes us 25 years in the past to 1994 with a timeline of some of the biggest moments of that year at WKYC.

January 1994: Jon Loufman joins WKYC-TV from WEWS-TV/Cleveland.

March 5, 1994: Connie Dieken departs WKYC-TV after a 10-year run. She became the first female to anchor all three major evening newscasts at WKYC-TV: 5, 6 & 11 p.m.

April 1994: Channel 3 covers the opening of the Gateway sports facilities for Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers. In one of the most exciting periods in the city's recent history, the former Central Market site gave way to the new homes of the Tribe and Cavs. On April 4, 1994, Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field) opened as the Indians defeated the Mariners in extra innings. President Bill Clinton threw out the first pitch. Billy Joel officially opened Gund Arena on October 17, 1994. The Cavaliers played their first regular-season game in the arena a few weeks later, losing to the Houston Rockets on November 8, 1994.

April 1994: WKYC-TV Anchor Dick Feagler departs WKYC-TV after his 11 p.m. commentaries were shortened, taped and moved to the end of the broadcast.

April 25, 1994: WKYC-TV begins a 5:30 a.m. newscast with anchors Art Edwards, Jodine Costanzo and weather forecasters Eileen McShea and Jon Loufman.

May 1994: Lillian Williams departs WKYC-TV she moves on to pursue other interests.

May 1994: Eric Mansfield joins WKYC-TV from WAKC-TV/Akron-Canton to become the new Akron Bureau chief replacing Lillian Williams.

June 1994: Mark Nolan joins WKYC-TV from WAKC-TV/Akron-Canton as a part-time, weekend 6 & 11 pm weather anchor along with Cory Thompson and Liz Habib.

July 1994: Donna Terrell joins WKYC-TV as a reporter and weekend anchor of Channel News at 6 & 11 p.m.

August 1994: Dawn Stensland joins WKYC-TV from WBBM-TV/Chicago to co-anchor the weeknight 6 & 11 p.m. newscast with Judd Hambrick beginning September 1st.

August 1994: WKYC-TV introduces “StormTracker3” that pinpoints the location of storms right down to street-level.

August 1994: WKYC-TV kicks off “Friday Night Fever” during its 11 p.m. broadcast. FNF is roughly a 15 minute fast paced, highlight intensive look at area high school football games hosted by Jim and the Channel 3 News sports team.

September 15, 1994: Alice Weston joins WKYC-TV from WUAB-TV/Cleveland as a senior’s reporter.

November 1994: Nick Cellini departs WKYC-TV.

December 1, 1994: Ron Jantz joins WKYC-TV from WUAB-TV/Cleveland as weekend 6 & 11 p.m. sports anchor.

December 1, 1994: Chuck Galeti moves to full time sports reporting.

This timeline is based on station archives and various newspaper stories. If you feel something is in error, please let me know and we'll make any necessary corrections. Email me at

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Meteorologist Jason Frazer joins WKYC Studios

WKYC Channel 3 President and General Manager Micki Byrnes announced today that Meteorologist Jason Frazer will join the WKYC team.

“Northeast Ohio weather always keeps us on our toes, and I am excited to welcome Jason, a multi-talented and versatile meteorologist to the WKYC team,” said Byrnes.

Jason joins WKYC from Fox 28 in Savannah, Georgia. When not in the television studio, his passion is visiting grade schools, middle schools and high schools to encourage students to consider meteorology and other STEM-related careers.

“Jason’s knowledge of atmospheric science and the environment will be a great addition to Cleveland’s #1 weather team,” said Director of Content Adam Miller. “His reporting will help Northeast Ohioans feel more prepared as we head out to work and school with daily updates and detailed forecasts on TV and digital platforms.”

“I am so excited to be returning to the Buckeye state. I’m looking forward to joining an awarding-winning team and helping to continue the great legacy of WKYC,” said Frazer.

Jason knew at an early age that a career in broadcasting was his calling. Growing up he loved to pretend that he was iconic weatherman Al Roker. While on his path to meteorology he explored political science and banking, Jason always knew that someday he’d realize his dream.

After studying Political Science at Columbia University, Jason was offered the opportunity to learn how to manage a bank branch through Citibank’s Management Associate Program. He learned not only how to sell mortgages, checking and investment accounts but he also learned how to manage a department. At the age of 24, he accepted a position at JP Morgan Chase as one of the youngest branch managers in the nation. There, he managed $25 million in balances, $10 million in investment accounts and a staff of 10.

With a burning desire to return to television, Jason was able to freelance for the News 12 Networks throughout the NYC area. Using that experience, he was able to obtain a Reporter position with WROC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Rochester, NY. After spending two years in Rochester, Jason accepted a General Assignment Reporter position at WBNS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Columbus, OH.

After spending three years in Ohio, in 2013, Jason relocated to Connecticut to work for WFSB-TV Channel 3 Eyewitness News the CBS affiliate in Hartford. While at WFSB, he reported various breaking news stories and contributed to WFSB’s Investigative Unit and filled in on the Anchor desk.

In 2016, Jason became an Investigative Reporter for NBC Boston and NECN, New England’s 24-hour Cable Station. He uncovered how landlords in Massachusetts were improperly placing young children on eviction notices which impacted their ability to obtain credit and future housing. 

In 2019, Jason also completed the Broadcast Meteorology Program at Mississippi State University.

Jason has numerous hobbies including cooking, traveling, bowling, football, whitewater rafting, wine tasting and acting. He is a huge NFL Fantasy Football Fan and one of the best Spades players you’ll ever meet. He is looking forward to discovering Cleveland with his fiancĂ©e, Romney Smith, who is also joining the WKYC team.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Award-Winning Journalist Romney Smith joins WKYC Studios

WKYC Channel 3 President and General Manager Micki Byrnes announced today that journalist Romney Smith will join the WKYC team.

“Romney has a natural ability to bring a story to life, stories that really matter to a community.  And she works to make those communities a better place after the cameras leave,” said Byrnes. “I’m thrilled to welcome her to the WKYC news team.”

Romney Smith joins WKYC from WTOC in Savannah, Georgia, where she served as an Anchor/Investigative Reporter. Romney played a pivotal role in launching multi-platform digital newscasts for the station as well as helping to re-launch the investigative unit. Romney is best known for her insightful reports on the growing sex trafficking problem in Georgia. She also helped spark a review of the 911 call center protocol after her story about a woman involved in domestic abuse raised questions and concerns.
Romney Smith

“Romney will make a difference here in Northeast Ohio,” said Director of Content Adam Miller. “Her storytelling gets to the heart of what matters most. With hopes of enriching viewers’ lives and equipping them with knowledge, Romney’s passion for journalism is evident in her reporting.”

Prior to joining WTOC, Romney was a morning Anchor/Reporter for ActionNewsJax, the CBS/FOX duopoly in Jacksonville, Florida. She played an important role in several big stories including what became known nationally as the “loud music trial” with the shooting of Jordan Davis, the devastating hurricanes Matthew and Irma and Congresswoman Corrine Brown's federal fraud trial.

“TEGNA is a company that values creativity and great journalism,” said Smith. “Channel 3 embodies that, and I look forward to joining this award-winning team. I’m excited to get to know Northeast Ohio, tell your stories, and positively impact Cleveland!"

Romney is a four-time Emmy-nominated journalist, Georgia and Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Award recipient and part of the team that won the 2017 Regional Edward R. Murrow award for Overall Excellence.

Romney began her journalism career at WFXL FOX 31 News in Albany, Georgia. She served in multiple roles including a Multimedia Journalist, Weekend Anchor and Main Anchor/Executive Producer. In 2012 Romney was honored to be included in The Albany Herald’s “Top 40 under 40." While in Albany, Romney won a 2014 Georgia Associated Press award for Best Locally Produced Program Non-News/Sports for producing and anchoring the 30-minute special 'Pursuing Good Health' explaining the Affordable Health Care Law to Southwest Georgians.

Romney fell in love with news growing up in the Atlanta area. She graduated from the University of Richmond and moved to Baltimore where she had a successful career in pharmaceutical sales. However, once she realized she was still "obsessed with news," Romney left big pharma to attend graduate school. She earned a Master’s degree from the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism, switched careers and hasn't looked back. Romney is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, National Association of Black Journalists and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Romney likes to say that her life is a series of news deadlines, working out, traveling, making guacamole, calligraphy, and playing with her senior Yorkshire Terrier named Linney. She is looking forward to making Cleveland her new home with her fiancé.