Monday, June 30, 2008

Get to Know Team 3: Tim White

Every once once in a while, I get the courage to go up to one of our main anchors and ask if they could let me ask them a mix of serious and zany questions about their work at Channel 3.

This time around, I chose our main male anchor, Tim White. He's not only a good friend to me, but his military duty has been an inspiration to us all over the year here at WKYC.

Therefore, I hope you enjoy a little look up close and personal with Tim.

Question: You started your career in radio at the age of 14 in your hometown city of Clare, Michigan, doing high school news. Can you remember what you were thinking when the on-air light went on that very first time?

Tim: I was all of 14 and a freshman in high school when I did my first radio show. The town had one small radio station that was on the air from sun up to sun down. I talked my way into the job of being the "high school reporter". I wasn't sure what that meant, but I wrote out about 10 pages of notes on a yellow legal pad and had my Dad drive me out to the station Saturday morning. I had on my only tie, and sat in the waiting room in terror.

After a while the disc jockey working that morning came out to get me and put me in the little news booth - a cubicle with acoustical tile on three sides and a window that looked into the control room. I watched the clock tick down toward 11:30. I felt like time was frozen, and I was sweating and hardly breathing.

At 11:29, the disc jockey came on the intercom and said "Okay kid, one minute. "What's your name?". I couldn't answer. The second hand took an eternity to move from one black line to the next.

At ll:29:50, the disc jockey opened his mike and said something about "The Pioneer Pegboard with our high school reporter".

I couldn't breathe, I wanted to run. The guy on the other side of the glass pointed to me....I opened my mouth ...and nothing came out.

I started to read. Did I wet my pants?

A half hour later, it was over. I have no idea what I said. I was wasted. I staggered out of the news booth and walked to the parking lot where my dad was waiting in the car.

He smiled.

I cried and said I wanted to go home.

I was hooked.

Question: Let's fast forward a "few" years to your time with us at WKYC. What sets Cleveland television news apart from the other cities you worked including Washington D.C., Boston or Baltimore?

Tim: What struck me when I arrived in Cleveland, and strikes me still, is that television news here is very personal. People relate to the anchors and reporters more than in most other markets where I have worked. At best, they are an extended part of the family -- and people in the newsroom feel personally connected to the viewers.

Question: What does our slogan "Report the Facts, Respect the Truth" mean to you?

Tim: Slogans don't generally mean much to me. But when "report the facts..." emerged as Ch.3's motto, it quickly became more than that. It's on the walls of the newsroom. People say it to each other - sometimes with humor - but those words became a credo, a code of ethics, that has been adopted by all of us. We believe it sets us apart. People on the street say it to us. My only disappointment is that we don't use it more broadly than we do.

Question: How did your involvement with the Air Force Reserves come about?

Tim: I was in ROTC for four years at Michigan State. When I graduated, I was commissioned in the Air Force and went on active duty. After five years, I left active duty to join the US State Department as a foreign service officer. But I missed the military environment, and went back into the Reserves. For the next 20 years, I did duty in war zones, stateside, and at the Pentagon. I retired from the Air Force Reserve in 2006. My service in the Air Force is among the most meaningful things I have done with my life.

Question: What has been your best TV news, on-air blooper?

Tim: When I was doing a live interview show in Boston, I leaned back in my chair --- and kept going ass over tea kettle. The camera man panned down to me sprawled on the floor. I smiled, and assured the audience we would be right back after the break...

Question: We get asked often what you and Romona talk about during commercial breaks. Care to share?

Tim: During breaks, Romona and I usually talk about the stories. Or the weather. Or what she is wearing. Or politics. Someone said we act like an old married couple, and I suppose we do. So there you go...

Question: We know you are quite a golfer. How much time do you spend on the links? And what is your favorite place to play around Cleveland?

Tim: If there is no snow on the ground, I try to get out to play golf two or three times a week. My game has kind of stalled the past few years at the "he's okay, but not very consistent" stage. There are so many great courses around Northeast Ohio - among my favorites are Little Mountain, Thunder Hill, Manakiki and Red Tail out on the West side. I also like to hunt and shoot skeet. I used to fish a lot when I was a kid, but haven't done it much in Ohio.

Video: Channel 3 Classic Promos from 1991

This is a group of classic Channel 3 Promos from around 1991 and early 1992 from the "Director's Cut" archives.

This latest batch includes cameos from Gretchan Karr, Nick Cellini, Larry Cosgrove, Terry Burhans, Dick Feagler, Leon Bibb, Jodine Costanzo, Art Edwards and many more!

Feel free to post your own comments and share your memories. Just click on the videos to watch. If you can't view them on this page, CLICK HERE

Our special thanks to editor Sarah Montgomery for her assistance is editing the promos for us.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet the NBC All Stars: Billy Ray Cyrus

In this edition of our "Meet the NBC All Stars," we are featuring Country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus who joined the NBC family this summer as host of the new hit show "Nashville Star.

Spanning the last 15 years, Cyrus has had a phenomenal career, not only in the music world, but in film and television as well. Last summer, Cyrus released his tenth album, "Home At Last," on Walt Disney Records. The first single from the album, "Ready, Set, Don't Go," is a heartfelt ballad he wrote for his daughter, Miley, as she prepared to leave for Los Angeles from Tennessee to start production on "Hannah Montana." The duet (featuring Miley Cyrus) and album both topped the Country charts.

Billy Ray recently recorded the Sheryl Crow-penned track "Real Gone" for the forthcoming "Country Sings Disney" CD, slated for release in July. The song will also be included on his next studio album which is currently being recorded in Nashville and produced by Grammy-winning producer Mark Bright (Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood). Cyrus' eleventh album, "Back to Tennessee" is set for release on October 21.

The multi-platinum singer/songwriter's musical roots go back to his childhood in Kentucky when the young Cyrus was singing with his father's gospel quartet before he started grade school. Discovered in 1990 while opening for Reba McEntire, Cyrus holds the record by a debut artist for his album "Some Gave All" which was #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Album chart for 17 weeks. "Some Gave All" certified multi-platinum, selling 14 million copies worldwide, while his other albums, "It Won't Be the Last" and "Storm in the Heart" certified platinum and gold respectively. He won Favorite New Artist - Country and Favorite Single - Country for "Achy Breaky Heart" at the American Music Awards. His hit single "Achy Breaky Heart" also earned him Single of the Year by the Country Music Association and the BMI Robert J. Burton Award in 1993.

Cyrus currently stars as Robby Stewart, father and "personal and professional" manager to his 15-year-old daughter, played by real-life daughter Miley, who has a secret identity as a pop star in the Emmy-nominated Disney Channel series, "Hannah Montana." Billy Ray and Miley are currently filming "The Hannah Montana Movie" for Walt Disney Pictures in Tennessee, which is slated for release next summer. Once production wraps on the feature film, father and daughter will return to Los Angeles to shoot the third season of the hit TV series.

In 2007, Cyrus gained an even larger fan base with his good-natured and entertaining performance on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," making it to the eighth week of competition as one of the final five. Most recently, Cyrus hosted the CMT Music Awards with Miley and starred in his own CMT reality series "Home at Last." He has also completed production on two films which will be released later this year: "Bait Shop" with Bill Engvall and "Flyin' By" with Heather Locklear.

Cyrus starred in the PAX series "Doc" for which he also composed the theme song. That series is now seen in over 50 countries. His film credits include "Elvis Has Left the Building," "Mulholland Drive," "Radical Jack" and "Wish You Were Dead." On the stage, he starred as Frank Butler in the stage production of "Annie Get Your Gun" in Toronto.

Cyrus resides on his 500-acre farm near Nashville when not working in Los Angeles.

Buyer Beware: Ohio company accused of misleading set-top buyers

The Better Business Bureau accuses an Ohio company of running a misleading ad campaign for a TV set-top box called "Miracle ClearView."

In newspapers across the U.S., Universal TechTronics of Canton has advertised free devices that it says enable the viewer to access free television channels and services.

But the BBB says consumers actually pay about $100 for what it says are merely digital TV converter boxes available in stores for around $20 with a government coupon.

Universal TechTronics vice president John Armstrong denies that the ads are deceptive and says the consumer watchdogs don't have their facts straight. He says the boxes are free, but customers pay $59 for a warranty that covers the product for five years, plus roughly $10 for shipping.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News: New Mike O'Mara Blog

Here is another new blog to check out when you get a little web surfing time.

  • Knots Lines - a blog by WKYC Reporter Mike O'Mara as he brings you views from the deck of the sailboat "Adagio" as he sets sail from Sandusky Bay.

For more blogs from the WKYC Digital Broadcast Center: CLICK HERE. We also have a list of our favorites in our right hand menu under "Favorite Sites."

Many of our staff members also have profiles on Facebook. You can sign up for a free account and then join our groups and interact with many of us online about the station and the news stories we cover. Just search "WKYC". To join Facebook: CLICK HERE

Update: Husband of former WKYC anchorwoman fired

Updating a story we first brought you 3 weeks ago on the Director's Cut Blog, Larry Mendte - the husband of former WKYC anchorwoman Dawn Stensland - has been officially fired by his station, KYW, in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Inquirer first broke this story in late May/early June when FBI agents raided Mendte's home and seized a computer amid allegations he was involved in breaking into his former co-anchor, Alicia Lane's, email at work. Alicia was let go from the station earlier this year.

According to today's Inquirer's article, "Sources said an internal investigation at CBS3 disclosed that software that secretly captures keystrokes - including passwords - had been installed on a station computer."

The article also stresses that so far no charges have been filed against Mendte and that his wife, WTXF anchor Dawn Stensland was NOT suspected of any wrongdoing.

Stay tuned for more on this one!


Photo Courtesy: CBS6

Monday, June 23, 2008

From the Mailbag: Did you get a new sports guy?

From: Steve in Macedonia

Q: I noticed a new sports guy on your newscast tonight. Where did he come from?

A: Ah, you must mean Al Pawlowski. Nice ethnic name like Macek, don't you think? Ironically, at one time we were both air personalities on Smooth Jazz, 107.3 The Wave and tried to transform the station to "All Polkas, All The Time", but the bosses wouldn't listen and went with Kenny G. instead.

Back to your question, Al is "on loan" to us from SportsTime Ohio where he is the host of many of the Indians programming you see on the cable channel like Tribe Report and Indians on Deck.

Al's helping us out so our other sports anchors, Jim Donovan and Dave Chudowski, can sneak in some summer vacation time before a busy August including Browns Pre Season Football and the 2008 Summer Olympics from Beijing, China.

You can email your questions to me:

From the Mailbag: Is Over the Air HDTV Better?

From: Ross in Mayfield Heights

Q: I have seen both Channel 3 HDTV "off the air" on a friend's TV and through my own satellite company. There is a very noticeable signal loss by comparison. Is that really true or is it just me?

A: Maybe you need a better TV like your friend's!

Chances are the signal loss you notice is because both cable and satellite companies including Dish or DirectTV use compression methods (like MPEG-2) to redistribute the signals they get from us.

Because of the huge bandwidth involved, the cable/satellite companies must compress all the signals in order to offer subscribers as many channels as they do.

We would recommend that if you really want the best picture quality available, you get your signal over the air. And, remember, it's FREE!!

You can email your questions to me:

News: Back from Vacation

The Director's Cut Blog has returned from a brief vacation after a stretch of time off.

While vacation is nice, it's always nice to come back to work (yeah, right?!) since your work routine gets broken when you are off and at times, life seems boring. You get to sleep in late, do nothing - and still get paid for it.

I had hoped to be a little further along in planning new features for the blog. But the reality is, I'm not. Several things over the last few weeks have become a distraction - some personal, some professional. So, we just plug away and we'll take it day by day.

To be honest, the summer doldrums are here and not a lot of anything is really happening at the WKYC Digital Broadcast Center. All is quiet on Lakeside Avenue - for the moment.

I was able to think back to this vacation and to compile a brief list of things that a director SHOULD NEVER DO while on vacation:

NUMBER 5..... NEVER watch your own newscasts to see if the fill-in guy is doing better with your show than you do when you're at work.

NUMBER 4..... NEVER try and impress the people you meet on vacation by telling them that since you aren't at work, the station's ratings will suffer. They won't.

NUMBER 3..... NEVER think about your job being eliminated because it's going to happen someday, anyways.

NUMBER 2..... NEVER check your email cause the boss will know they can ruin your vacation by telling you all the things to expect when you get back.

NUMBER 1..... NEVER blog cause management will catch on that you can do your work anywhere with this little thing called the internet.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Video Feature: "Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface", Part 4

As the high definition leader in locally produced programming in Northeast Ohio, WKYC is proud to showcase our region's most important natural resource in a year- long effort. Lake Erie: Beyond The Surface is a thirty-minute HD special.

It is the last of four programs dealing with the fate and future of our great lake.

Under the cold murky water of Lake Erie lie thousands of shipwrecks, evidence of our rich maritime heritage.

For centuries, these waters have provided vital shipping lanes, abundant food, and the power to drive industry. But while the water's generosity seemed limitless, the lake itself was not. It's taken decades to reclaim this greatest of resources. We stand by the shores of a cleaner lake, but also at the crossroads of some key decisions.

What does the future hold for this lake? Our region?

Channel 3 explores the growth of international shipping, lakefront development, how Lake Erie will be managed to ensure its future, the newest environmental threat and the lake's role as a renewable energy resource.


To watch the show, click on the picture below:

Friday, June 13, 2008

Director's Alert: NBC's Tim Russert Dies of Apparent Heart Attack

We are sad to learn that NBC's Tim Russert has died at age 58. The network says Tim died this afternoon after collapsing from a sudden heart attack the network is confirming on

Tim was the Washington Bureau Chief for NBC News, and hosted 'Tim Russert,' a weekly interview program on MSNBC, a frequent correspondent and guest on other NBC News programs, such as 'The Today Show' and 'Hardball,' and Tim co-hosted the network's presidential Election Night coverage.

He also presented the polling results of the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey on the NBC Nightly News, alongside the anchor of the show. Russert was born in Buffalo, New York, and received a Jesuit education.

Russert is an alumnus of Canisius High School in Buffalo, New York and a graduate of John Carroll University and Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio.




The following is feature we did recently on Tim as part of our "Meet the NBC All Stars" feature on the blog:

This time around, we are featuring Tim Russert who certainly has a few ties to the Cleveland area, having gone to John Carroll University and Cleveland Marshall College of Law and - most recently - moderated NBC's coverage of the Democratic Presidential Debate at Cleveland State University on 2/26/08. So, let's Meet Tim Russert, one of NBC's All Stars.

Tim is currently the Managing Editor and Moderator of "Meet the Press" and political analyst for "NBC Nightly News" and "Today." Russert also serves as senior vice president and Washington bureau chief of NBC News.

His two books -- "Big Russ and Me" in 2004 and "Wisdom of Our Fathers" in 2006 -- were both New York Times #1 bestsellers.

He has received forty-seven honorary doctorate degrees from American colleges and universities and has lectured at the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Reagan Presidential Libraries.

Russert took over the helm of "Meet the Press" in December 1991. Since then, MTP has become the most watched Sunday morning interview program in America and the most quoted news program in the world. Now in its 60th year, Meet the Press is the longest-running program in the history of television. Russert has interviewed every major figure on the American political scene.

Russert joined NBC News in 1984. In April 1985, he supervised the live broadcasts of the Today program from Rome, negotiating and arranging an appearance by Pope John Paul II, a first for American television. In 1986 and 1987 Russert led NBC News weeklong broadcasts from South America, Australia and China.

Washingtonian Magazine dubbed Tim Russert the best and most influential journalist in Washington, D. C. describing "Meet the Press" as "the most interesting and important hour on television."

TV Guide selected his use of the white dry eraser board (Florida, Florida, Florida) on Election Night 2000 as one of the "100 Most Memorable TV Moments" in history. The Washington Post credits him with coining the phrase "red state" and "blue state" to explain the nation's political divide.

In 2005, he was awarded an Emmy for his role in the coverage of the funeral of President Reagan. He is the recipient of the Golden Plate Award of the Academy of Achievement. His Election 2000 Meet the Press interviews with George W. Bush and Al Gore won the Radio and Television Correspondents' highest honor, the Joan S. Barone Award and the Annenberg Center's Walter Cronkite Award.

Russert's March 2000 interview of Senator John McCain shared the 2001 Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence in Television Journalism. He is also the recipient of the John Peter Zenger Award, the American Legion Journalism Award, the Veterans of Foreign Wars News Media Award, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society Journalism Award, the Allen H. Neuharth Award for Excellence in Journalism, the David Brinkley Award for Excellence in Communication, the Catholic Academy for Communication's Gabriel Award, and inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame.

He is a trustee of the Freedom Forum's Newseum and a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club and America's Promise -Alliance for Youth.

In 1995, the National Father's Day Committee named him "Father of the Year"; Parents magazine honored him as "Dream Dad" in 1998 and in 2001 the National Fatherhood Initiative also recognized him as Father of the Year.

Irish America magazine has named him one of the top 100 Irish Americans in the country and he was selected as a Fellow of the Commission of European Communities.

Russert was born in Buffalo, New York on May 7, 1950. He is a graduate of Canisius High School, John Carroll University and with honors from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

Before joining NBC News, Russert observed firsthand the inner workings of the executive and legislative branches of government as counselor in the New York Governor's office in Albany in 1983 and 1984 and a special counsel in the United States Senate from 1977 to 1982.

He is admitted to the bar in New York and the District of Columbia.

Russert is married to Maureen Orth, a writer for Vanity Fair magazine. They live in Washington, D.C. with their son, Luke.

Director's Alert: WKYC Nominated for Numerous Emmy Awards

The NATAS Regional Emmy Nominations were announced tonight, with WKYC receiving the following:

Outstanding Newscast
  • Channel 3 News at 7 pm - Tim White, Romona Robinson, Amanda Subler (producer)
  • Channel 3 News at 7 pm - Dave Grendzynski (producer)

Outstanding Weekend Newscast

  • Missing Pregnant Mom Found - Lydia Esparra, Scott Newell, Carrie Young (producer), Julie Ocepek (assignment editor)

Investigative Reporting

  • Prison Problem - Bill Safos
  • Euclid Creek - Bill Safos

Breaking News

  • SuccessTech Academy Shooting - Kim Wheeler, Danielle Fink (assignment editor), Tim White, Monica Robinsn, David Grendzynski (producer), Lisa Lowry (assignment manager), Allen Wohl (director), Romona Robinson, Dave Summers, Brandi Paulson (editor), Amanda Subler (producer), Maureen Kyle, Michael O'Mara, Rita Andolsen (news director)

News Report within 24 hours

  • Elliot Ness: Not Untouchable - Paul Thomas, George Payamgis (photog), Chris Mizell (editor)

General Assignment within 24 hours

  • Ice Rescue - Dave Summers

Continuing Coverage

  • The Search for Jessie Davis - Danielle Fink (assignment editor), Paul Thomas, Eric Mansfield, David Grendzynski (producer), Lisa Lowry (assignment manager), Romona Robinson, Maureen Kyle, Michael O'Mara

Arts/Entertainment Special

  • Broadway Series Sneak Peak - Andrea Vecchio (host), Mac Mahafee (producer/editor), Steve Pullen (photog), Steve Citerin (associated producer)

Health/Science - Single Story

  • Growing Fingers - Monica Robins

Health/Science - News Story

  • Unsanitary Conditons - Carl Monday

Public/Current/Community Affairs

  • Lake Erie: Beyond the Surface - Micki Byrnes (executive producer), Steve Pullen (directory of photography), Vagn Steen (editor, post production producer), Jeff Reidel (photographic/researcher), Mac Mahaffee (editor)

Promotion - Campaign

  • Report Respect Image Campaign - Monique Jackson (senior promotion producer)

Promotion - Station Image

  • Back with the Faces - Monique Jackson (senior promotion producer)

Crafts: Graphics/Animations - News

  • 2007 Channel 3 News Redesign - Greg Goyla (animator/designer), Joseph Van Eck (animator/designer), Ian Zeigler (animator/designer), Joe Wood (animator/designer)

Crafts: On Camera Talent - Reporter

  • So Long Target 3 - Dave Summers

NOTE: Sportstime Ohio also received a number of nominations. The cable channel is a 10 year partnership between the Cleveland Indians and WKYC-TV.

For a complete list of nominations: CLICK HERE

Thursday, June 12, 2008

News: Survey Says?....

NBC announced the celebrity family match-ups for the new version of "Celebrity Family Feud" that debuts July 1st at 8pm and will be hosted by Today Show weatherman/anchor Al Roker.

The celebrities along with five other family members or friends will square off against each other playing on behalf of charities:

  • Bill Engvall vs. Larry the Cable Guy
  • Vivica A. Fox vs. Mo'Nique
  • "American Chopper" vs. Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry
  • Corbin Bernsen vs. Margaret Cho
  • Ice T vs. The Rivers
  • Raven-Symone vs. Wayne Newton
  • The Kardashians vs. Deion Sanders
  • Tiki Barber vs. Ed McMahon
  • The Hickeys vs. The Camden County All-Stars from My Name Is Earl
  • The Office vs. American Gladiators
  • Vincent Pastore vs. "Girls Next Door"
  • Kathie Lee Gifford vs. Dog The Bounty Hunter

News: May Demographic Ratings Strong for WKYC

As you have heard me mention many times before, ratings periods are all about the demographics - or the individual age groups - that advertisers target when making their television advertising buys.

In the case of WKYC, the overall audience ratings closely matched the demographic ratings for May 2008.

Here are some of the demographic highlights for WKYC:

5AM News
*WKYC ranked #2 in the key demos.

6AM News
*WKYC ranked #2 in the key demos.
*KWYC grew from February in Adults 25-54, Women 25-54 and Men 25-54

6PM News
*WKYC ranked #2 in the key demos.

7PM News
*WKYC ranked #1 in men 25-54
*WKYC ranked #2 in other key demos.

11PM News
*WKYC ranked #1 in key demos
*WKYC's share size was up 8% from February
*WKYC increased NBC's Adults 25-54 lead in by 9%.

Weekend Morning News
*WKYC grew 30% from February and 27% from May of 2007.

News: Farewell to Fred

As those of us who work in the business of radio and television know, we encounter many people in our professional journeys as we transit from one station to another. Some of them become friends, others competitors. But we all have a passion for what we are doing through good times and bad.

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Fred Embrescia at age 91. Our paths crossed when I worked for his son, Tom Embrescia, who owned WDOK, WWWE and WRMR. (Ironically, Tom bought WDOK & WWWE from WKYC parent company Gannett who owned the stations for several years). I never knew what Fred's job really was. He just kinda hung out at the station sorting the mail and making sure everyone was working hard, or was that hardly working?

No matter what, Fred always brought a smile to your face with that Italian demeanour and grandeur.

For those of you around in the days of WRMR/AM 850, Fred was a big part of the "Music of Your Life" format. Every morning, he would join in with "The Captain" Carl Reese for some interesting banter that sometimes I never understood. Maybe I was just too young. But, people loved him and he loved the spotlight.

I remember going to his 75th birthday party on the Nautica Queen. We sailed around the harbor and it was just a fun time. It was as simple as he was. Those fun times are just fond memories.

We'll miss you Fred.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News: Enough converter coupons, Not enough stamps

News out of Washington today... Congress forgot to budget enough money to mail out the digital converter coupons to consumers. No kidding.

Reuters reported today that lawmakers may be asked for more money to get the coupons from the Commerce Department to your homes.

The problem arose after consumers who were already mailed the coupons failed to redeem them within the 90 day time limit. Therefore the unused coupons are cancelled out and new ones are issued for those that apply or reapply.

This has created a strain on the NTIA budget. The NTIA or National Telecommunications and Information Administration is the the arm of the Commerce Department charged with overseeing the converter box program.

Rep. Edward Markey, the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, summed it up best "This sounds like it could be a big problem here."


The NTIA decided to delay an official request following a hearing until July when it will have a better handle on the amount of funds it lacks - for stamps.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

News: Director's Cut Blog featured on Shoptalk

Thanks to the folks at and their daily newsletter, Shoptalk, for their mention about our blog today.

As you know, our blog continues to grow at leaps and bounds and we appreciate others in the tv business who recognize the value of being able to publish a daily blog.

Although we strive at being informative - we try to not take ourselves too seriously now!

Again, thanks to Tom and the great folks at Shoptalk!

Monday, June 09, 2008

From the Mailbag: Issues with the new

From: Jonathan in Akron

Q: I love your new design. It's a little hard to find features we are used to from the old website...and I noticed sometimes it's very slow to load. Are you having problems with it?

A: We are glad you like the new design. As with any new toy, there are bound to be some issues. Part of the problem is that we are using new technology with the new site. Sometimes, this technology isn't compatible with older browsers that don't use the flash platform.

We are working on making some modifications that should help things out. However, it may take a few more weeks to work out the kinks.

You can email your questions to me:

TV Tech Center: Sony and Youtube Create Alliance

By Frank Macek

Here's something that we've been expecting for quite some time - tv manufacturers are starting to see the huge potential of offering video from the web that you can watch on your new HDTV.

We've been pretty confident in our feelings that this was just a matter of time before the content you watch on your big screen comes from the internet, instead of your local broadcaster.

However, the challenge for local broadcasters will be to get their local content to the web for you to watch in the same fashion. It's a challenge we are already thinking about and making plans for.

According to reports, YouTube videos will be the test bed for Sony LCD flat panels to be one of the first to stream.

Sony Corporation last week said YouTube and have been added to the video providers for a $300 module it sells for its LCD flat panel TVs.

The Internet Video Link module is a small box that fits into the back of some 2007 and 2008 LCD TVs. It connects to the home broadband router and is controlled by the TV remote. Video service comes free with the module.

Yahoo, AOL, Sports Illustrated and are among existing video providers for the device.

Similarly, Apple Inc.'s Apple TV set-top box streams YouTube videos to a TV set, but it works with any high-definition set.

Also Thursday, Sony introduced two high-end LCD TV models with backlighting produced by light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. The models are 46 inches and 55 inches diagonally. Prices were not announced, but will be lower than the cost of the only previously available Sony model with LED backlighting, a 70-inch model for $33,000.

Note: The Associated Press contributed to this report

Thursday, June 05, 2008

News: WKYC's Tom Beres Honored with Award

CLEVELAND -- For the past 40 years, the Cuyahoga County Community Mental Health Board has worked to serve and protect residents with issues such as depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

At Wednesday morning's meeting, the board's leaders outlined future needs and rewarded successful programs, workers, and advocates who stepped up to help those with mental health issues over the past year.

Channel 3 News and its Senior Political Correspondent Tom Beres won the media "Helping Hands" award. In May 2007, Tom did a story about "Living Miracles," a support group for those coping with mental health issues.

Members discussed their personal struggles and efforts to dispel stereotypes of mental patients as dangerous "ticking time bombs." The story was aired just after the Virginia Tech massacre by a gunman with mental health issues who did not get help he needed.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Director's Alert: WKYC launches new website called Metromix

WKYC has launched a brand new website this afternoon. is your complete, comprehensive guide to all things entertainment going down in C-Town, from concerts and clubs to music, movies and more.

It's an all-access pass you can access from home, from the office, from your phone, from just about anywhere ... and in an instant, you are linked to everywhere you were, everywhere you are and everywhere you need and want to be!

The following is a news release from Metromix: Comes to Cleveland

WKYC-TV Launches New Local Entertainment Website

CLEVELAND, OH (June 5, 2008) -- WKYC-TV announced today the launch of (, a hip, new website for socially active taste-makers and young professionals looking to be one-step ahead of Cleveland's latest trends and hotspots.

Within a complete, comprehensive database of venues throughout Greater Cleveland and the surrounding areas, site users can search thousands of bars, clubs and restaurants by neighborhood, type of food, music or specific date. also gives users the power to become an insider by finding fresh, new and unexpected ideas for going out, as well as critiques and exclusive information regarding TV, movies, style and more.

"Metromix is where you go before you go out," said Fredric Coffey, Metromix Cleveland's Managing Producer. "We go everywhere, we eat and drink everything, all so our users know what's hot in Cleveland. Never, and I mean never, should the question be belted once everyone is in the car: 'So what do you want to do?'"

All advertising and editorial features for cater to the 21 to 34-year-old demographic. provides a unique experience for advertisers as they can present their brand and offering at the time when this discerning audience is trying to figure out what to do, where to go. Advertisers will also have the opportunity to utilize the Metromix street team -- the site's local events team -- who will have a presence at various events throughout the city, as well as make appearances at events created and hosted by Target ad categories include liquor, restaurants, nightlife, auto, music, movies, fashion and more.

Metromix Cleveland is the 14th Metromix site to have launched across the nation. Originating in Chicago over 11 years ago, under the development of the Chicago Tribune, has become the No. 1 "go to" source for local entertainment information in the city. As announced last year, Tribune Interactive and Gannett Co. formed a joint venture to expand Metromix into over 40 markets, including 25 of the top 30 markets. Metromix has earned numerous awards including the EPpy Award for Best Entertainment Site and the Digital Edge Award for Best Advertising Program.

"We're looking forward to this new venture, and reaching out to a new young audience," stated Brooke Spectorsky, President and General Manager of WKYC. "Metromix has a great track record in Chicago and other markets and we believe it will successfully promote the vibrant night life and entertainment options here in Northeast Ohio."


ABOUT METROMIX:Metromix is a national network of local entertainment websites that target 21 to 34 year-olds and provides information on where to go and what to do. Formed through a joint venture between Tribune Interactive and Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), two of the country's largest media companies with newspapers, TV stations and websites in the nation's top markets, Metromix is currently operating in 14 markets and is planning rapid expansion into 25 of the top 30 markets. Metromix has received a number of awards, including an EPpy Award for Best Entertainment Site and the Digital Edge Award for Best Advertising Program. The network currently attracts over 2.0 million monthly unique visitors and generates over 20 million monthly pageviews.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New: NATAS Nominations Party June 13th

The first-ever, simultaneous Lower Great Lakes Chapter nomination parties will be held in Indianapolis, Toledo and Cleveland on Thursday, June 12th, 2008. Here's your chance to enjoy a fun social gathering with your friends and fellow television broadcasters while you find out which entries have been nominated for an Emmy at this year's Emmy Gala coming up Saturday, September 13, 2008 at the Marriott Key Center Grand Ballroom in Cleveland.

In Cleveland, Jack Moffitt, former general manager of WUAB and NATAS Gold Circle recipient, has arranged for Nighttown, 12387 Cedar Road to host the Emmy Nomination Party from 5:30 - 8:30 PM in the indoor/outdoor garden area. Producer/Director and Chapter Governor Mike Vendeland has stepped up to be the first nominations reader at the Cleveland party.

All three events are free for chapter members and will include appetizers and a cash bar. Non-members and the general public will be charged a $5.00 cover.

The 39th Annual Emmy Awards will be held on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at the Marriott Key Center Grand Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio.

News: Was it live or Memorex?

If you were watching NBC programming last night, you no doubt noticed the Stanley Cup Finals went a tad long.. like into 3 overtimes long.

Some speculated on the radio last night (hello Greg Brinda, WKNR) that Channel 3 News at 12:50 a.m. was taped and not done live.

The answer is nope.. we all stayed until the bitter end to bring our viewers the latest news and weather.

Whether we wanted to or not is another story...but we were here and we were live.

Monday, June 02, 2008

News: WKYC wins several Ohio AP Awards

WKYC was a big winner at The Ohio Associated Press Broadcast awards that were announced Sunday in Columbus.

The following were presented to WKYC in the large market category:

*First place for Best Spot News Coverage for "SuccessTech Shooting".
*Second Place for Outstanding News Operation.
*Second Place for Best Reporter in a large market for Tom Meyer.
*Best Regularly Scheduled Weather for large market for Betsy Kling.
*First place for Extradordinary Coverage of a Scheduled Event in a large market for Dave Grendzynski for "Indians/Red Sox Game 5".

Congratulations to everyone involved at WKYC. This comes after the station received the regional Edward R. Murrow Award for "Overall Excellence."

Director's Alert: Husband of former WKYC Anchor under FBI Investigation

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting today that KYW Anchor Larry Mendte, the husband of former WKYC News Anchor Dawn Stensland, is under FBI investigation about whether Mendte gossiped to the media about messages from co-anchor Alycia Lane's email from her lawyer. Alycia was fired from the station earlier this year.

The story broke on Saturday when FBI agents raided Mendte's home and seized a personal computer.

According to an article posted on the Inquirer's website: "CBS3 anchor Larry Mendte opened former colleague Alycia Lane's private e-mail account hundreds of times over many months, sources told The Inquirer yesterday, and the FBI is investigating whether he passed on gossip about Lane to the media.

In part, federal officials are trying to determine whether Mendte intercepted communication between Lane and her lawyers about her lawsuit against CBS3, which fired her in January."

Mendte remains employed at KYW, but has been taken off the air pending the investigation.

Larry's wife, Dawn, is currently an evening anchor at crosstown station, Fox 29.


Photo Courtesy: CBS6