Friday, August 30, 2019

Why WKYC will be off the air for a while on Saturday, August 31, 2019

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Safety concerns during antenna installation mean we will be off-air for a significant amount of time.As we continue installing our brand new antenna, today brings another big moment in this project. One that means we will be off the air for several hours Saturday.

Starting around 8 a.m., crews will be adding and/or removing more wiring on our tower. This work will position them near our auxiliary antennas, which emit dangerous levels of radio frequency signals. To protect the workers during this phase of construction, we have to power down our signal. We will have the signal restored in time for our 6 p.m. news.

Because the work they will be doing is time-consuming, we will be dark for several hours. This will impact anyone using an antenna or whose cable/satellite provider receives our signal over-the-air (including Dish and DirecTV), meaning you will not be able to watch us during this period of time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have rescanned for us previously and got our signal, you DO NOT need to scan your TV again. You will receive our signal once we power back up.

This project has been mandated by the FCC. Thousands of stations across the country are affected by this transition, including many here in Ohio. We're very sorry for this disruption and are working as quickly and safely as possible as we can.

We will let everyone know as soon as we are at full power. And rest easy Browns fans, we will be back up before the first primetime game on September 16th.

Until then, we thank you for your patience and your loyal viewership.

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