Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WKYC Adds Meteorologist Matt Wintz To Weekend Evenings

Matt Wintz and his family excited to return to Ohio
WKYC is adding a new face to its team of "Weather Ready" meteorologists with Matt Wintz being named as new weekend evening meteorologist announced WKYC News Director Brennan Donnellan on Tuesday.
Wintz is no stranger to northeast Ohio being born and raised in Jefferson just east of Cleveland in Ashtabula County and developed an interest in weather as early as age 3. "We got cable TV and my parents said I would stare at the radar and watch weather coverage for hours," he tells the Director's Cut Blog.
Frequent summer thunderstorms and heavy lake effect snow events helped develop his growing curiosity for NE Ohio weather. During his elementary school years, Matt took his passion to the next level and began writing the weekly forecast on the chalkboard for his teacher and classmates.
The weekly forecast then turned into weekly publications by the 7th grade. "I called it 'Today and Tomorrow' and it featured a few articles I authored about the weather, a forecast, and a weather poem. The poems weren't good at all. They were awful," Matt jokes. "But the forecasts were spot on!"
Matt went on to attend The Ohio State University and received his degree in atmospheric science. He interned at the Ohio News Network and WICU in Erie gaining more experience in forecasting weather for the area. 

Years later he's served as the Chief Meteorologist at WYIN in Chicago and WLTZ in Columbus, Georgia before having the opportunity to come back home. "It is so rare in this business to be able to do what you love for the people you love. Coming to WKYC, I have that opportunity and I'm incredibly thankful for it."
Matt is a long-distance runner and enjoys an unhealthy amount of coffee. He claims it makes him run faster. "My coffee intake has slowed over the last few years as have my mile times. It must be related. It can't be the fact that I'm getting older..."
Matt and his wife Stephanie have been married for 5 years, but have been best friends for nearly 20 years. "We met in high school and I was immediately in love. She only saw me as a friend. It only took 12 years for me to convince her to marry me."
They have a 1 year old daughter named "Emerson" and 3 cats. They are both huge Cavs, Indians, Browns, and Ohio State fans. "We stood out in the Deep South with my Ohio State flag and Cavs hoodie. We're glad to fit in with our surroundings again."
Needless to say, he's excited to share his love and knowledge of NE Ohio weather with you. Maybe even a few poems.
Matt officially joins the team on Monday, June 12th.

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