Tuesday, July 07, 2009

New Show Preview: Great American Road Trip on NBC

Special to the Director's Cut Blog
By Mark Barger

Millions of American families are taking road trips this summer, but not quite like this one, the Great American Road Trip. It's NBC's latest entry into the summer programming sweepstakes.

"We don't know what we're in store for. We really don't," said Alecia Montgomery of Montclair, California. Her family is one of seven from across America that will make a cross country journey in this reality series. They'll go from Chicago to California in separate recreational vehicles.

"It's not a race," said the show's host, Reno Collier, "No one's racing in the RVs to go flying down the highway. It's nothing like that." But there is competition. Head to head challenges for the families at stops along the way.

Each week, one team will be eliminated.

"We're a new blended family," said Hyerli Katzenberg, of Westport, Connecticut, "This is definitely going to challenge us, blend us, bond us."

The historic Route 66 provides the setting for this test of families ties. "Route 66 is such a piece of Americana," said Ricardo Rico, of Katy, Texas, whose family is also competing.

The show's host anticipates family fireworks in the RVs. "Stick them in one of these things and you'll find out how close they really are," said Collier. Maybe close enough to win 100-thousand dollars.

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