Friday, May 01, 2009

News: New Flipcam Ultra HD Cam Hits The Market

As you probably have seen, one of the coolest new toys in the newsroom has been the "flipcams" which allow use to shoot web view whenever and wherever we wish.

The just released Flip Ultra HD camcorder is perhaps the best version yet of this popular and inexpensive line of shirt pocket cameras, offering a high definition recording, a two inch wide screen, easy navigation, and a whopping 120 minutes of video record time.

The USB connector flips right out of the side of the Flip and plugs into your computer, whether a PC or a Mac.

The Flipshare software automatically installs and allows you to string your clips into a movie, send as email, burn to a DVD, or upload to a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo.

The quality has to be seen to be believed. With an optional cable you can show your videos on a big screen high-def TV. The battery is rechargeable or can be swapped out and run on two AA's.

The new Flip Ultra HD sells for $199.

It's super simple to operate and really does capture audio and video in amazing quality.

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