Thursday, March 11, 2010

3D Television Has Arrived in Northeast Ohio

Special to the Director's Cut Blog
By Michael O'Mara

FAIRLAWN -- Ready or not, 3D television has arrived. The hhgregg store is now selling the 55-inch Samsung 3D HD plasma television.

Shopping for a new high definition television just got much more complicated. That's because the world of 3D has just arrived in the home electronics department.

In Fairlawn, the sales staff at the hhgregg store is ready to explain the many features on the new 55 inch Samsung 3D plasma television.

The new set will go from 2D to 3d at the push of a button on the remote control. Special 3D glasses from Samsung will be required to view the video.

Electronics specialist Laura Miller said, "If you're into movies, action sports, things that you really want to see to their fullest content that will leap off the screen, then you will love 3D television."

Electronics manufacturers have noticed the huge box office success of 3D movies like Avatar, Up, and Alice in Wonderland.

Samsung has led the way at hhgregg stores.

Panasonic is joining the battle at Best Buy stores later this month. And this summer, electronics giant Sony will be ready to ship 3D televisions to stores around the world.

Sony believes the new technology will account for 10 percent of their television business. Industry experts believe that Sony is also planning to modify their PS3 video game consoles to work with their new 3D tv sets.

Major league sports may be ready to move toward 3D coverage of live action. The NFL tried a 3D experiment in 2008 and many team owners said they were excited about the technology.

At hhgregg, Miller said, "Just think about sporting events that are in real time. That guy passes the ball and it will be caught in 3D. It may seem like it's coming right to your couch."

Kevin Kaufman was looking for a new television in the hhgregg store and said, "That would be wild. If NASCAR goes 3D, now your talking!"

Most consumers don't seem willing to pay the higher price for 3D until the content catches up to the technology.

Gail Potts and her husband, Ronny, were looking at high definition televisions and shrugged their shoulders at the big 3D set on the shelf.
Ronny said, "Well, right now I just want regular. There aren't any programs in 3D."

Gail nodded her head in agreement and said, "You're paying almost an extra $2,000 for 3D. So no, I'll take the regular. Thanks."

Best Buy is expected to sell the Panasonic three-dimensional tv home entertainment system as a bundle to consumers.

For a price tag of $2,899.99 customers will get a 50-inch plasma 3D Viera set for $2,499.95, a $399.95 disc player based on the Blu-Ray standard and $149.95 viewing glasses.

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Anonymous said...

I walked into an HHG store yesterday hopign to catch a glimpse of this TV. They had the TV set on an endcap display along with the Blu-Ray player and the demo DVD, but no shutter glasses. According to the employee they haven't been shipped yet. I'd suggest waiting at least a few more days before making a trip to the store.