Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News: Hundreds of TV stations to end analog on Feb. 17

NEW YORK -- More than a quarter of major U.S. TV stations intend to shut down their analog broadcasts on Feb. 17, sticking to the original date despite the wish of the Obama administration that they delay until June.

Congress last week gave TV stations until June 12 to shut down analog broadcasts, hoping to give viewers more time to prepare. Money has run out for the federal fund that subsidizes converter boxes, and there's a wait list for the coupons.

The Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday that 491 of the 1,796 full-power TV stations in the country say they intend to keep the Feb. 17 date. The FCC has reserved the right to deny individual stations an early shutdown.

For a complete list of stations making switch: CLICK HERE

Source: The Associated Press & USA Today


Anonymous said...

491 of 1,796 ... I thought that number would be greater. Any breakdown of affiliation or market size on that 491 available?

Frank Macek said...

You can find a list of stations at the following link: