Thursday, February 08, 2007

News: NBC Nightly News Going HD

"NBC Nightly News" on Channel 3 is about to become the first national evening news broadcast to go hi-definition.The show will begin broadcasting in the format in March although an exact date is not yet decided.

The broadcast will join fellow NBC News production the "Today" show, which started broadcasting in HD in September. NBC's "Dateline," which is also produced by NBC News, is not yet making the jump, an NBC spokesperson said.

Though local news markets have increasingly embraced HD as a way of keeping viewers coming out of HD prime-time programming, national evening news departments have been slow to embrace the format.

In addition to the cost of overhauling a studio, the department has to replace field cameras around the world. For "NBC Nightly News," most field reports will continue to use standard-definition cameras until early 2008.


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