Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blast from the Past: Action 3 News Mini Cam

One of our regular readers, Dan Hirschfield, sent us some photos from the 1981 Cleveland Airshow that he scanned from a batch of 35mm slides in his collection.

They included a series of pics of a WKYC "minicam" crew taping a guy riding a motorcycle through a bunch of flaming wood. Dan points out that if you look really hard at the second to last pic in the sequence you can just see the motorcycle in the middle of the inferno and the last pic is the motorcyclist himself safe and sound discussing his feat.

It's a flashback from the days of the ol' WKYC suburban. Dan says he does not recall if the reporter on scene was John Darling or Mini Cameron.

We've brought the still images back to life with a little Director's Cut magic.

Thanks Dan for sharing with us.

If you have any old vintage WKYC photos, please send them to us and we'll feature them on the blog. Our email is:

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