Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Web Link: TV News Re-defined, kinda

Around WKYC, I am probably one of the biggest, new tech geeks around. When I see something new, I am usually among the first to try out and play with new things. And I like to share my new found "geekness" with others who share a similar aptitude.

Several of my colleagues have pointed out a really cool site for news savoy folks called ""

Basically, it's a collection of all the video streams available from various news organizations - streamed in real time, from the US and around the World.

But the part that caught my attention the most was having a camera trained on a News Producer as they worked at their desk...with seemingly big brother watching every move. That's kinda of freaky, but way too cool. (Note: If the producer is away from their desk, they through up a slate temporarily. Click on the audio button to hear them too!)

In the meantime, feel free to watch these poor producers at WFLD in Chicago do their job in front of everyone...and check out the neat sources available on the even cooler part of the site: CLICK HERE

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